“A Comprehensive Review of the PENTAX K3 DSLR”

“For people like myself who tend to root for the underdog, PENTAX has always been an easy brand to love. When Pentax was purchased by Ricoh in 2011, a lot of loyal PENTAX shooters held their breath, fearing that the merger might kill off the brand. In 2014, it seems that everyone can breathe again — PENTAX and Ricoh have released several excellent cameras since the merger, and I was pretty excited to check out their latest flagship DSLR to hit the market, the PENTAX K3.”

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“A 24 megapixel DSLR with an APS-C sized sensor, the PENTAX K3 has the highest resolution of any PENTAX APS-C DSLR to date; for more resolution in a PENTAX, you’ll have to turn to their medium format PENTAX 645D with 40 megapixels or the new PENTAX 645Z with 51.4mp. With an impressive list of professional features, often found only on high end full-frame cameras, the PENTAX K3 is moderately priced at only around $1300 for the body and $1650 including the 18-135 kit lens. In fact, the Pentax K3 boasts so many features that I think it’s pretty safe to call it the most full-featured and impressive APS-C DSLR camera available on the market. Like Pentax’s previous DSLR cameras, the K3 is a rugged photo taking machine, capable of surviving in some pretty nasty weather.”

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