PENTAX 100 Years of History – Birthday Movie –

“PENTAX 100 Years of History”

Here we collected photos from “PENTAX 100 Years of History” events and official celebration videos

PENTAX 100 Years of History


PENTAX 100 Years of History (by PENTAX China)







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Paris | FRANCE



Sapporo | JAPAN



Tokyo | JAPAN




PENTAX 100 Years of History – Short Movie




New firmware update v1.11 for PENTAX KP

New firmware update v1.11 for PENTAX KP

Release of the Firmware Version 1.11 for PENTAX KP

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. wishes to announce the release of Firmware Update Software Version 1.11 for PENTAX KP.

Changes to V1.11
  • Improved stability for general performance.
  • Only PENTAX KP users are permitted to download the firmware update.
How to check version
  1. Turn ON the camera.
  2. Press MENU button to display MENU screen.
  3. Press the four-way controller right to display [Set-up 5] menu screen.
  4. Select [Firmware Info/Options] in the [Set-up 5] menu then press the four-way controller right.

The firmware version for camera is displayed on the [Firmware Info/Options] screen.

Preparation of update
  • Blank, formatted SD/SDHC card (32MB or more)
  • USB cable 3.0 (micro B)
    If you are copying the firmware update file to the SD card by connecting the camera directly to your computer.
  • SD card reader or a computer with a SD card slot.
    If you are copying the firmware update file to the SD card using a memory card reader / writer.
  • Fully charged battery (D-LI109)

*Be sure to use fully charged battery (D-LI109). If the camera turns off during updating due to lack of battery power, the camera will become inoperable. If this happens, a charge will be made for repairs even if within the warranty period.

Download the updated firmware file
  • For Windows/Macintosh : 9,117 Kbytes, zip type
Updating Procedure
  1. Provide a formatted SD memory card for the update software.
    The download file is self-extracting. The following file is extracted.
    Fwdc232b.bin: This is the updated firmware.
    Copy the above Firmware file [Fwdc232b.bin] to the root directory in the SD card.
    If your computer does not have a card slot, you can copy the firmware update file by inserting the SD card into your camera and then connecting the camera directly to your computer.
  2. Insert the D-LI109 battery into the camera and confirm the battery is full by battery level indicator then turn the camera off.
  3. Insert the update SD card (prepared in step 1) into the camera and close card cover.
  4. Turn the camera power on while pressing the MENU button.
  5. “Updates the camera firmware” appears in the LCD monitor.
    Ver: 1.00→1.10 will be displayed.
  6. Press the four-way controller to select “Start” and press the “OK” button.
  7. “NOW LOADING” appears on the LCD monitor and updating starts.
    Please do not under any circumstances switch off the power before the update is completed.
  8. When update is completed, the “COMPLETE” will be displayed at the left bottom of the LCD monitor, then turn the camera off.
  9. Remove the update SD card from the camera.
    *Confirm the version of firmware with above [How to check version].

When updating is finished, the update SD card still contains the Firmware file.
If you want to use this card to take pictures, format the card by the camera to delete firmware file first.

  1. This software may only be used by users who own the PENTAX KP
  2. This software is covered by a software license agreement. Please read the software license agreement before downloading the software.
  3. You will have agreed with this software license agreement when the download starts.
PENTAX KP (v1.11)
  • Direct download link for Software Updater (Windows/Machintosh) -> v1.11



PENTAX KP J Limited Special Custom Model announced

PENTAX KP J Limited Special Custom Model announced

A truly unique collaboration

Ricoh Imaging today announced the availability of the Pentax KP J Limited— a special edition of the Pentax KP (originally teased at CP+ 2019) which is perhaps the most unique offering of its kind to date.  Rather than being a model designed and developed by Ricoh itself, the KP J Limited is the result of an extensive collaboration between passionate Pentax fans at Ricoh, Miroku Techno Wood Company, Citizen Watch Company, and professional photographer Kazutoshi Yoshimura.  The custom design was created by the man who also designed the Pentax K-30.

The camera is designed by (and aimed at) “the 1%” of photographers who appreciate the character and nuance of such a unique product.  As such, the camera will not be marketed through traditional retail channels. It can be viewed (as of June 13th) at four locations: Ricoh Imaging Square Shinjuku, Ricoh Imaging Square Ginza, Ricoh Imaging Square Osaka, and Repair Service Center (Utuka Umato). Orders can be placed only at the Ricoh Imaging Square, or online through the Japanese Pentax web store, and are now being accepted.

Orders placed by June 28th are expected to ship on July 31st.  We do not currently know if there will be a second production run thereafter or if the camera will be available outside of Japan. The KP J Limited costs ¥148,500 (approximately 1400 USD).  The camera will be available in two variants, as pictured below:

Features of this special edition of the KP include:

・a custom wood grip made by Miraku Techno wood (in red or sumi black, respectively)
・a lens mount made of Citizen’s Diamond Like Carbon, which gives a unique look and adds durability
・a custom top cover and metal hotshoe mount (in black or navy, respectively)
・a landscape shooting preset in U5 inspired by photographer Kazutoshi Yoshimura
・gold lettering for the KP logo and rear buttons (black & gold variant only)



Download/view hi-res photos (on Google Drive)


Kazutoshi Yoshimura


Source / PENTAX KP J Limited Special Webpage

New PENTAX Limited Lens Special Site

New PENTAX Limited Lens Special Site

New PENTAX Limited Lens Special Site online now! (Only in Japanese, English version doesn’t exist yet.)

Here we have photos…


PENTAX FA Limited Lenses


smc PENTAX-FA 31mm F1.8 AL Limited


smc PENTAX-FA 43mm F1.9 Limited


smc PENTAX-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited


PENTAX DA Limited Lenses


HD PENTAX-DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited


HD PENTAX-DA 21mm F3.2 AL Limited



HD PENTAX-DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited


HD PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 Limited


HD PENTAX-DA 70mm F2.4 Limited


HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mm F2.8-4ED Limited DC WR