Digital Camera Utility 5 update v5.6.1

Digital Camera Utility 5 Update for Windows

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. wishes to announce the release of the Windows Updater for update the Digital Camera Utility 5. For correct update, you are required to be installed Digital Camera Utility 5 before hand on your PC. Please download the Updater file on your PC first, and update it.

*It is not compatible with previous version of software included Digital Camera Utility 4 / PENTAX PHOTO Browser3 / PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory3.

Digital Camera Utility 5 update v5.6.1

・Direct download link for Software Updater (Windows) -> v5.61

Name Digital Camera Utility 5 (Version 5.6.1) Windows Updater.
Registered name (85,018Kbyte)
System requirement OS : Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 (32bit / 64bit) / Windows 8 (32bit / 64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit)
CPU : Intel Core2 Duo or higher
Memory : 2.0GB or more
Free disk space : 100MB or more
Monitor: 1280×1024 or more, Can be displayed 24bit full color or more
Objective App. Ver. Digital Camera Utility 5 Version 5.0.0, 5.1.0, 5.2.0, 5.2.1, 5.3.0, 5.4.0, 5.4.1, 5.4.2, 5.5.0, 5.5.1, 5.6.0
Objective CD-ROM S-SW140, S-SW150, S-SW151, S-SW156, S-SW160, S-SW162, CD-ROM for GRll, S-SW168
Release date 2016/8/10
How to Update
  1. Please download and save the file into appropriate folder on your Hard disk
  2. Double click [DCU5Updater_5.6.1 (Win).zip]. [Win] folder will be appeared.
  3. Double click [Win] folder. [DCU5Updater32_5.6.1.exe (85,018Kbyte)] and [DCU5Updater64_5.6.1.exe (85,018Kbyte)] are stored in the [Win] folder.
  4. Select either application software that is the same type of your OS (32bit or 64bit).
  5. Copy the application software and paste on desktop.
  6. Double click the application software. The Installer will start, following to the installation display
  7. When the installation will be completed and the massage is displayed, click [Finish].
Changes to V5.6.1
[10. August 2016] Digital Camera Utility 5 (Version 5.6.1) Windows Updater

[Main changes from Version 5.5.1]

  • Corresponded to PENTAX K-70
  • Added new lens name for [HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE].

[Corrections from previous Versions]

  • Corrected – .When convert the RAW(PEF) format file of Pixel Shift Resolution system to DNG format, shut down incorrectly. (Convert only one standard image)
  • Corrected – .Performance become slow or not performed at some environment of usage.
  • Improved stability for general performance.


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