First Hands-on photos of new HD PENTAX-DA* 11-18mm F2.8!

New Interchangeable wide-angle lens for K mount digital single lens reflex camera

Product name: HD PENTAX-DA ★ 11-18 mm F 2.8 (tentative name)

  • K mount adoption, image circle covers image sensor equivalent to APS-C size
  • High performance star lens demonstrating high resolving power from aperture opening
  • An angle of view equivalent to 17 to 27.5 mm in terms of 35 mm format is obtained and a large aperture ultra wide angle zoom lens with an open F value of 2.8
  • Release date: scheduled for the summer of 2018

By looking at the professional type,

  • The control method of the aperture has not been decided yet (the lens rear cap can not be removed, blindfold tape also on the nameplate)
  • Motor specifications have not been decided yet (blindfold tape on the nameplate)
  • The number of diaphragm blades can not be confirmed
  • Mysterious buttons are placed in the distance display window
  • Blindfold tape = Distance display window can not say the shortest shooting distance yet
  • The red ring can be seen at the root, and since it is a star lens it will be dust proof and drip proof
  • The lens hood has Pentax’s traditional handicraft, detachable PL operation window cover
  • Filter size is probably 82 mm (estimated from memory that it was the same design as 24 – 70 mm)
  • The fundamental constriction of the hood mounting frame is designed not only for design but also for winding “string-like dew condensation prevention heater” for star shooting

With the above feeling, if I summarize it to myself by adding explanations from people inside,

  • It is not full size ~ Large aperture for APS – C size Ultra – wide – angle zoom In other words, I took it as a declaration that we will continue to release a high – performance APS – C size camera that demonstrates the performance of this lens. Great! 
  • A lens that I would like to sell as a starlit lens High resolution lens and high performance from aperture opening, high performance lens in which the point source in the peripheral area introduced as a “star-lens lens” appears as a point, that is, the aberration is suppressed as much as possible Expecting that a wonderful lens is a finished one I hear a story that considering the installation of “dew condensation prevention heater” to support it 
  • Mystery button Here is a real mystery. 
    Focus Lock or Zoom Lock is a function that fixes the mechanical unit physically at any position considering the anticipation of the starry sky 
  • Probably hidden diaphragm control Perhaps the most troubling PENTAX APS – C machines have a lot of operating machines There are a lot of cameras that do not support electromagnetic iris, I hope that the user can not buy it As a business I want you to sell a lot, but looking into the future I guess that it will be an infinite loop of electromagnetic irritation anguish ^ _ ^ ;; 

It seems that it is under final adjustment for next summer.

By all means, it is put on by everyone, first you purchase “HD PENTAX – D FA ★ 50 mm F1.4 SDM AW” in “Spring”, and this “HD PENTAX – DA ★ 11 – 18 mm F 2.8 It is up to you think that you can ask in the story which dreams will expand, if you can purchase.”

(text translated from Japanese)

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