K-1 II J Limited 01 DSLR announced!

Ricoh announces PENTAX K-1 II J Limited 01 DSLR in four colors for the Japanese market

Pentax has launched a quartet of recolored versions of its K-1 Mark II DSLR, which was first released in 2018 and is currently the company’s flagship K Series camera. The K-1 Mark II J Limited 01 DSLR seems to be available only in Japan, which was also the case for the company’s previous J Limited camera. The Pentax KP J Limited in 2019 was well-received, so Pentax has opted to develop J Limited as a formal factory brand.

The K-1 II J Limited 01 will be built on a made-to-order basis and comes with numerous changes compared to the mass-produced K-1 II. The Limited version must be hand-built due to the special color painting and parts changes, which cannot be performed in mass production.

The K-1 II J Limited 01 has a custom wood grip carved from North American walnut. The grip is hand-finished by craftsmen from Miroku Techno Wood Co., Ltd. This same group also crafts wooden handles for luxury cars. The wood grip, which has a nine-layer coating, is dyed using ‘high-grade ink.’

Rubber grips are also used on both sides of the main camera body. The dimpled rubber has an improved design, which Pentax states offers a better grip than previous models. The grip has a special ‘J Limited 01’ mark applied.

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.’s surface hardening technology, Duratect Gold, is applied to the lens mount. This process uses ionized titanium and gold to improve surface hardness and give the mount a more sophisticated, elegant appearance.

The K-1 II J Limited 01 has a removable top cover with a different silhouette than the standard pentaprism. In a translated press release, Pentax says, ‘A brass “top cover A” can be layered on top of the resin “top cover B” to create a W top cover structure that allows the appearance to be changed according to the lens to be worn and the style of the day.’

Pentax, in cooperation with photographers Kazutoshi Yoshimura and Takukei Seo, has added special shooting modes to the J Limited 01. The modes, PH-mode Yoshimura and PH-mode T, reproduce the photographers’ settings when capturing landscapes images.

Other features and specifications are identical with the K-1 Mark II, including the camera’s 36MP full-frame image sensor, 5-axis image stabilization, 33-point autofocus system, handheld Pixel Shift mode and 1080/30p video recording.

The Pentax K-1 II J Limited 01 is available for order in Japan now, with shipping expected to begin at the end of April. The K-1 II J Limited 01 is available in black and gold, viridian, scarlet rouge and LX75 metallic colorways.


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