Meyer Optik Görlitz Nocturnus 50mm F0.95 lens for PENTAX!

A lens as unique as your photography

With its starting aperture of f0.95 and 15 steel aperture blades with anti-reflex coating, the Nocturnus 50/f0.95 DSLR creates an impression that virtually no other lens can achieve. The optical design enables a high degree of sharpness at focal level, even at maximum aperture, whilst it features a dream like bokeh with effects of shapes, colors and circular lights when blurred.


Exceptional light intensity

Combined with its exceptional light intensity, the Nocturnus 50/f0.95 DSLR is the ideal tool for working in low-light conditions or for shooting with available light. The infinitely adjustable aperture ring and manual focus control operate in near silence, making this lens extremely attractive for video use. 15 aperture blades ensure a pleasant, well-balanced bokeh.


Bokeh and Speed in one lens

Nocturnus 50/f0.95 impresses with its shallow depth of field and its subtle bokeh. Sharpness and out of focus areas are separated pierce through the image. The popping out effect is enormous and an unlimited number of creative opportunities are the result. The bokeh inspires the viewer to make his own story around the subject of the photograph. Main subject and background are two sides of a coin that support each other in their effect.

With open aperture the lens is swirly and dreamy in its bokeh, closed down it becomes soft and impressionistic. It is not only a very fast lens but it gives the photographer the opportunity to transmit fervor in the image.


The Magic of Nocturnus Photography

The magic of available-light photography has always been discussed under the light of being able to create a certain atmosphere of intimacy involved when working with Nocturnus lenses. With other lenses photographers seek to show nothing but the real world under ideal or good light conditions. To show the world as it is. But available light photography with our Nocturnus line of lenses offers much more: the chance of going much further and deeper into the grey zone of light and reality in order to reveal what is lost with a regular lens.

The secret of available light photography is not that of just having a tool to use in bad light conditions but rather to look for interesting light and to find out how you can make use of that condition to create artistic images. It is a little bit the hunt for the unexpected scene that otherwise cannot be captured.


Nocturnus photography is especially suited for:

  • Portrait photography as natural as can be
  • Children photography
  • Low light conditions like early morning or late evening
  • Nature shots with bokeh effects
  • Inside photography
  • Because it turns night into day

The Nocturnus 50 DSLR was specially developed for use on DSLRs full-format cameras with a Nikon F and Canon EF Mount but also PENTAX K and M42.
The new Nocturnus 50 DSLR comes in a single wooden box with piano lacquer finish.


Sample photos

Download/view original files (1920×1280 & 6000x4000px)


The new Nocturnus 50 f0.95 DSLR comes in the typical Nocturnus design and has been updated to the latest Meyer-Optik quality standards. It will be available for Nikon, Canon, Pentax and M42 camera systems and comes in a matt black or silver finish.

The Meyer-Optik-Görlitz Nocturnus 50 f0.95 DSLR with 15 aperture blades for Canon, Nikon, Pentax K and M42 is an extremely fast lens with 15 aperture blades, steel and specially coated for DSLR Cameras with high imaging quality.

  • Focal length: 50 mm
  • sharpness with aperture of f0.95 – 22
  • a Bokeh characterized by its versatility from swirl to softness
  • Clickless Aperture ring
  • Filter Thread 72 mm
  • Height 51 mm
  • Weight 640 g
  • Angle of View 47°
  • Optical Design: 8 elements in 6 groups
  • 15 Aperture Blade diaphragm
  • Made in Germany


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