New GR firmware update v4.00 released!

 A new Firmware Update Software Version 3.00 update released for GR.

Add the following enhanced features (v4.00)

・Added [Shift Crop] on [Effect] of [Shooting] menu.
・Added [AF Mode] on [Set up] menu. It has two options: [Normal] or [High speed].
・Added [Card Sequence No.] on [Setup] menu. It has two options: [On] or [Off].
・Added [Playback Animation] on [Setup] menu. It has two options: [On] or [Off].
・When deleting an image taken with RAW+ on Playback Mode, [Delete RAW+ JPEG],
[Delete JPEG only] or [Delete RAW only] can be selected instead of [Delete One].

*For more details click here

Changes to V4.00

・Improved operational performance for [Aperture Preview].
・Improved stability for USB connection with Mac.

*Contents of [Version 3.00] and earlier version will be also updated.

GR (v4.00)

・ Direct download link for the Firmware Update Software (Windows/Machintosh) -> GR v4.00


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