New Sport Optics series: PENTAX UD-Series

A compact, portable roof-prism binocular series, providing a choice of two basic models to accommodate a wide range of applications

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. announced the launch of the PENTAX UD 9X21 and PENTAX UD 10X21 roof-prism binoculars. These basic models feature a compact, lightweight design for great portability, and provide a higher magnification than most other compact binoculars currently on the market.

Despite their compact, palm-sized body, these binoculars provide greater magnification than most existing compact models (six to eight times). Thanks to this high-magnification design, users can observe subjects one size larger than other models. The PENTAX UD 9X21 incorporates fully multi-coated optics — a series of lens coatings identical to those applied to higher-class models — to assure bright and clear viewing. The PENTAX UD 10X21 features more powerful optics with 10-times magnification, while retaining the same compact body size. With a choice of two magnifications, the PENTAX UD series assures comfortable viewing in a wide variety of applications, while excelling in cost performance.

The PENTAX UD 9X21 also provides a choice of five body colors to accommodate user color preferences.


Main Features of the new PENTAX UD

1. Compact, lightweight design

The PENTAX UD series features a compact, palm-sized body and weighs approximately 195 grams — the lightest of all existing PENTAX binoculars. Designed exclusively for the PENTAX UD series, its compact, easy-to-hold body assures outstanding portability in a wide range of applications, from nature observation to the viewing of sports, concerts and theatrical performances.

2. Bright, clear viewing

Thanks to the incorporation of multi-coated optics designed to eliminate excessive reflection, the PENTAX UD series delivers a bright, clear view of the subject free of flare and ghost images. The PENTAX UD 9X21 features fully multi-coated optics — a multi-layer coating applied to all reflective lens surfaces — to assure an especially bright view of the subject.

(Note: The PENTAX UD 10X21 has a single multi-coated lens, while other lenses are treated with a single-layer coating.)

3. Other features

・A minimum focusing distance of approximately three meters for a sharp view of close-range subjects
・Nonslip diopter rings for easy, error-free diopter adjustment
・Optional TP-3 tripod adapter (currently available) for installation on a tripod

♦ Designs and specifications are subjects to change without notice.



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