PENTAX 645Z Officially Announced!

Achieve Photographic Distinction with the Medium-Format PENTAX 645Z

Ricoh Imaging’s new PENTAX 645Z medium-format DSLR features a 51.4 megapixel CMOS sensor, Full HD video and a responsive shooting experience with three frames-per-second

It is not often that a camera can be referred to as a game-changer. One that can provide photographers with the tools that not only enrich their craft but are capable of producing images so distinct they are easily set apart from the competition. Today, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation is pleased to announce the game-changing PENTAX 645Z medium-format DSLR, thus altering the landscape of professional photography.

Developed on the multi-award-winning legacy of the PENAX 645D and the historic PENTAX 645 film cameras, the PENTAX 645Z improves upon one of the most lauded cameras in the company’s 95 year history. Featuring an amazing 51.4 megapixels on a high-performance CMOS image sensor, the PENTAX 645Z assures super-high-resolution images with a stunningly realistic sense of depth combined with vivid colors and rich shadow detail. The resulting images feature a uniquely distinct look and an unmistakable brilliance that clearly differentiate professional photographers to their clients. The thoughtful inclusion of a CMOS image sensor enables live view on a tiltable LCD panel while also making the 645Z the first and only camera in the medium-format category to offer video recording capabilities, resulting in footage that captures amazingly lifelike reproductions with tangible depth and incredible dynamic range.

“Our diverse lineup of DSLRs enables us to offer professional tools like the 645Z at a price point within reach of many photographers,” said Jim Malcolm, Executive Vice President, Ricoh Imaging. “Today’s photographers are looking to differentiate their craft and the 645Z offers the perfect option as an exceptional medium-format camera that does not sacrifice in quality or specification, with affordability.”

The new PENTAX 645Z has also received several significant enhancements including an improved and highly responsive shooting experience that can capture an incredible three frames per second—a significant benefit when compared to other medium-format cameras featuring CMOS sensors and an equivalent resolution—with a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second. The 645Z is equipped with an amazing top ISO of 204,800 for images with exceptional quality, even in situations with very low light or pushing for higher shutter speeds in all lighting conditions, providing the photographer with totally new creative options far beyond the scope of existing medium-format photography. Additionally, the 645Z is compatible with the recently introduced FLU Card, providing remote operation of the 645Z including the ability to release the shutter, view a live-view, and browse and download the images recorded on the card using a wireless connection to a smartphone, tablet, computer or any web browser enabled device.

Widening the 645Z’s already diverse applications for shooting is an articulated LCD with a 3.2-inch LCD monitor with approximately 1,037,000 dots, ensuring even the most agile photographer captures waist-level, high and low-angle images with precision and ease. Finally, the PENTAX 645Z features an incredibly sturdy and dependable body with a magnesium alloy frame and a diecast aluminum chassis, complemented by 76 weather-seals for a cold-resistant, weather-resistant and dustproof shooting experience.

In conjunction with the launch of the PENTAX 645Z, Ricoh Imaging is also excited to announce the availability of 13FA 645 lenses to support an even wider variety of optics providing the perfect system that spans numerous shooting scenarios.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] 645Z_copie.jpg645Z_rear3_off_tilt_copie.jpg645Z_front_wo_lens__copie.jpg645Z_rear_copie.jpg645Z_top_off_copie.jpg645Z_Solo_01.jpg645Z_cold_proof_image.jpg645Z_CMOS.jpg645Z_finder_indicate.jpg645Z_Mg_material_Al_die-cast.jpg645Z_PRIMEIII.jpg645Zsealing_w_lens.jpg645Z_Solo_2.jpg645Z_Solo_3.jpg645Z_Solo_4.jpg645Z_Solo_5.jpg645Z_Modedial.jpg645Z_MovieDial.jpg645Z_Rear_Button.jpgZURAFCONTROLS.jpgrrsq8iffpuv21uuzygjc.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Pricing and Availability

The PENTAX 645Z will be available for purchase in June 2014 for a category-low retail price of $8,499.95 for the body only.
The newly available FA 645 lenses are available now for the following prices:

SMC-FA 645 75MM F2.8 $839.00
SMC-FA 645 45MM F2.8 $1,319.00
SMCP-FA 645 150mm F2.8 (IF) $1,679.00
SMC PENTAX-FA* 645 300MM F4 ED (IF) $4,799.95
SMC-FA 645 400MM F5.6 ED (IF) $3,479.00
SMC-FA 645 ZOOM 45-85 F4.5 $2,879.00
SMCP-FA 645 120mm F4 MACRO $1,679.00
SMCP-FA 645 200MM F4 (IF) $1,319.00
SMCP-FA 645 80-160 F4.5 $2,519.00
SMCP-FA 645 33-55 F4.5 AL $3,239.00
SMCP-FA 645 ZOOM 150-300MM F5.6 ED $3,239.00
SMCP-FA 645 35mm F3.5 AL $1,919.00
SMCP-FA 645 55-110 F5.6 $2,039.00


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