PENTAX K-1 – Astrotracer Review

PENTAX K-1 review from a Canon user focused on Night and Astro photography!

“A while ago I was looking at features on various cameras and found out some Pentax cameras have a feature called Astro tracer. The Astro tracer feature is built in star tracking for long exposure Astro photography using the in body  5 axis stabilisation and sensor shift technology, I was super keen to try it out so contacted Pentax Australia to see if I could organise test.”


Hello K-1

Pentax sent me their top model, the full frame Pentax K-1 along with the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 (Sigma is distributed by the same company here in Australia). Although this review is specifically about the astro tracer feature I will mention some of the great features the k-1 has on offer, as it is such an amazing camera, especially for Night and Astro photography. I will not go through the specs but you can find them here, Pentax K1  I will stick to features I used and feel are useful to Night and Astro photography, there are many more tricks up this cameras sleeve.

My first thoughts on the camera was wow this is a chunky camera, I mean this in a good way. It’s a big camera that feels rock solid, really well built, it feels and looks like a professional tool and also handles like one, It feels comfortable to use and it’s really easy and intuitive to navigate through it’s menus. It just looks and feels great!”



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