PENTAX K-1: Best Full-Frame DSLR Expert – TIPA 2016

“Pentax has entered the full-frame sensor field with the weatherproof and dust sealed K-1. The 36.4MP CMOS sensor has a “simulated” anti-aliasing filter achieved through minute sensor vibrations; this motion sensor also supports RICOH’s Pixel Shift Resolution system. The K-1 features 5-axis sensor shift image stabilization, a near 100% optical viewfinder and a 33-point AF system with 25 cross points. The rear LCD, a 3.2-inch 1.04 million dot LCD, is highly flexible and allows for vertical, horizontal and diagonal movement. Current Pentax lens owners (APS-C) can utilize all their lenses via the K-1’s Crop mode; Auto mode will detect the lens mounted and set the crop accordingly.”


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