PENTAX K-1 II ISO test photos from Mike Muizebelt

ISO100 to 102400 composite photos published by Dutch PENTAX ambassador Mike Muizebelt on his blog!

One of those also taken in Pixel Shift Resolution mode with Motion Correction ON

“Test images that were made with the new Pentax K-1 mark II. Images were taken from a Sirui tripos with a Sirui filter graduated filter to control the sky. No adjustments at all in photoshop, just layered on top of each other. PS Print the image for a real world look & feel.”

“For me personally the ISO properties of the K-1 mark II seem to have improved by 1.5 to 2 stops. Where I previously had my personal limit around ISO 6400, I will now not hesitate to use ISO 12.800. Previously a value that we could only dream of!”

Not possible to see the details with a resized photo so please visit the links below. You will find special versions which separated by lines to see the differences easily.

Download/view original files

Download/view files with separated by lines


Source / Google Translate(d)

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