PENTAX K-1 with different (also manual) lenses!..

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] IMG_3390_.jpgIMG_3389_.jpgIMG_3391_.jpgIMG_3392_.jpgIMG_3393_.jpgIMG_3394_.jpgIMG_3395_.jpgIMG_3396_.jpgIMG_3398_.jpgIMG_3400_.jpgIMG_3401_.jpgIMG_3404_.jpgIMG_3406_.jpgIMG_3407_.jpgIMG_3402_.jpgIMG_3366_.jpgIMG_3369_.jpgIMG_3370_.jpgIMG_3376_.jpgIMG_3373_.jpgIMG_3375_.jpgIMG_3381_.jpgIMG_3388_.jpgIMG_3385_.jpgIMG_3386_.jpgIMG_3365_.jpgIMG_3409_.jpgIMG_3410_.jpgIMG_3411_.jpgIMG_3439_.jpgIMG_3441_.jpgIMG_3442_.jpgIMG_3443_.jpgIMG_3430_.jpgIMG_3423_.jpgIMG_3425_.jpgIMG_3426_.jpgIMG_3429_.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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