PENTAX K-3 II Digital SLR Camera ‘Power-OFF’ Notice

At Ricoh, we are dedicated to delivering superior technology, quality products and unyielding customer service. Continuing this commitment, we are contacting PENTAX K-3 II camera owners, as we’ve learned that in some situations the camera will not turn off, even after the power lever is moved to the OFF position. This anomaly is limited to cameras with a serial number below #6206660.

Please be assured that we will service any camera which has this problem, at our service centres, free of charge.

We sincerely apologise for any trouble and inconvenience this problem may have caused. We also promise to do all we can to achieve the highest level of quality control in the future, and eliminate any worries our customers might have about our products. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this issue. Also we greatly appreciate our customers’ patience as we are committed to making it a seamless process and providing the highest level of service and support.

Product: PENTAX K-3 II

Issue: When a charged battery is inserted into the camera after the battery has been removed for extended periods of time (a few days to a few weeks), the camera cannot be turned off even when the user moves the power lever to the OFF position.

Product serial number: Products eligible for service are PENTAX K-3 II camera bodies with serial numbers before 6206660.

The below serial numbers are not subjected to this service.

6187961-6188110, 6192376-6192380, 6192386-6192390, 6192436-6192440,

6196362-6196369, 6196661-6196960, 6197748-6197750, 6197768-6197770, 6199671

Please note that, even if your camera has not had this issue but has one of the eligible serial numbers, we will be happy to inspect your camera, free of charge.

Note: For USA customers please call 1-800-234-0276 to have the camera inspected and serviced free of charge, even if the product appears to be functioning properly.

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