PENTAX K-S1 Review

“The Pentax K-S1, originally announced in September 2014, is Pentax’s first adaptation of a DSLR for the changing consumer market.  The design philosophy behind this camera is centered around younger generations of photographers, as Ricoh Imaging has specifically stated that it is meant to appeal to smartphone users without sacrificing any of the functionality that more advanced users and current Pentax owners have come to expect.”

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] KS1_kit_inbox.jpgIMG_1414.jpgIMG_1440.jpgK-S1_blue_006_A.jpgKS1_Blue_43mm.jpgKS1_body_inbox.jpgIMG_1310.JPGIMG_1312.JPGIMG_1314.JPGIMG_1321.JPGIMG_1322.JPGIMG_1324.JPGIMG_1325.JPGIMG_1326.JPGIMGP0046e.JPGIMGP0066e.JPGIMGP0293e.JPGIMGP0309e.JPGIMGP0367e.JPGIMGP0413e.JPGIMGP0415e.JPGPKS10492e.jpgPKS11038e.jpgPKS11163e.jpgPKS11548e.jpgPKS11757e.jpgPKS11858e.jpgPKS11901e.jpgPKS11921e.jpgreds_fixed.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

“So, what did Pentax engineers come up with?  First, they started by minimizing the camera’s size and giving it a stylish appearance with plenty of color options along with flashy LED lights.  Second, they gave the menu system a face lift with updated fonts, icons, and backgrounds.  They also did away with the traditional mode dial and top LCD and instead placed a mode dial on the back of the camera, right next to the monitor.  Finally, they equipped it with a new 20-megapixel sensor and incorporated plenty of top-shelf features, such as the hardware moire suppression system (“AA filter simulator”) from the K-3.”

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