PENTAX KP – Review (ePHOTOzine’s Editor’s Choice)

“The Pentax KP offers a new design, that is slimmer than many DSLRs thanks to a removable grip so that you can choose the size of the grip you want. The KP also offers numerous external controls, with a total of three control dials.

The 24 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor in the camera features a wide ISO range from ISO100 all the way up to ISO819,200. There is no AA (Anti-Aliasing) filter on the sensor, however the camera is able to simulate an AA filter, for situations where there may be moire thanks to the sensor based image stabilisation system. There are a number of other features unique to Pentax DSLRs, including horizon correction, composition adjustment, as well as Astrotracer (which can be used with the optional GPS unit), again, thanks to the sensor being able to be moved precisely.

Front, back, and bottom exterior panels are all made of magnesium alloy, and there are 67 seals to ensure the camera is dustproof, weather-resistant and cold-proof. The camera comes with the smaller “Grip S”, shown below, and can be replaced with the optional medium (M) and large (L) grips. “



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