Photos from PENTAX booth published by There is no RICOH logo this year!? Also interesting to see that new HD PENTAX-DA11-18mm F2.8ED DC AW lens has a focus clamp!

“Ricoh Imaging is currently exhibiting the latest in Pentax gear at the WPPI 2018 photography trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The expo started on Monday and will last until the end of the day on Wednesday, February 28th.

This year’s booth saw a stark redesign compared to what we saw during the past few years.  Most notably, the Ricoh branding is all but gone, replaced with the big classic red Pentax logos which dominated Pentax displays many years prior.  We suspect this is a part of Ricoh’s shifting marketing strategy to better embody the Pentax name; a similar thing happened with Ricoh Imaging social media pages late last year.  We feel that this is a step in the right direction and will help make Pentax products more visible and more accessible to consumers.

The booth also appeared to attract a larger crowd than in the past several years, perhaps thanks to the updated look.”

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