RICOH THETA m15 Review

“The Ricoh Theta is a very special and innovative type of camera: at the mere press of a button, it can capture 360-degree spherical photos of your entire surroundings.  Those images can then be viewed interactively on a smartphone/PC, saved as traditional files, and even cropped or enlarged.  No other consumer device on the market can capture everything around you so quickly and easily!”

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] in_box.jpgIMG_1941.jpgIMG_1945.jpgIMG_1946.jpgIMG_1948.jpgIMG_1970.jpgIMG_1971.jpgIMG_1973.jpgglobe_ex.jpgpool.jpgtheta_panorama.jpgwide.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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