RICOH THETA V – Feeling & Talk Live Event / Tokyo

“The event of “RICOH THETA V” to be released on September 15 was held once in Tokyo and Osaka. Its name is “RICOH THETA V feeling & talk live”. Let’s deliver a picture of the Osaka venue.

The Tokyo venue was held on September 3rd and the Osaka venue was held on 9th September. The Osaka venue was held at the same OMM building as Ricoh Imaging Square Osaka which was renewed on the same day. As it was touched the product before release, during the event many people crowded with visitors.

Actually experience high image quality & high speed

THETA V has become an Android-based product from this time, and there is a big change from the conventional model. The best thing is the plug-in system to be described later, but from a work oriented user, it is a nice thing to support 4K movie recording and to improve the picture quality of movies and still images.

The impression that I saw the demonstration video at the venue is that both the moving image and the still image have higher contrast than the conventional model and the color missing is better. The resolution feeling is also high, and you can see that when you expand it is depicted more precisely than ever. It is the result of taking advantage of digital camera technology.”

(text translated from Japanese)

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