Ricoh THETA V / IFA 2017

“Ricoh Theta V has a design almost identical to Ricoh Theta S, the novelties are really much more than the past, starting with new microphones positioned strategically in multiple points on the body in order to record an audio Surround and allow you to add realism to your videos at 360°. In fact, this technology can actually change the speaker or headphone speaker you are using based on the real sound source area and how you move the shots in the movie. At the Ricoh stand we saw a movie showing the flight of a plane to the sea and we could hear the sound difference from the left pavilion to the right pavilion of the headset just when passing the plane from left to right (in the frame).

This innovation is also enriched by the presence of an optional external microphone that can be connected to the bottom of Ricoh Theta V in order to enhance even more Surround audio recording.

In addition to this, we find the same 12-megapixel cameras with CMOS sensor and 7-element lens in 6 groups and f/2 aperture in the previous model but with a quality enhancement, firmware side, not indifferent. The manufacturer has stated that the dynamic range is now greater and the high ISO electronic noise is greatly reduced.”

(text translated from Italian)

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