RICOH THETA V update roadmap

– RICOH THETA V Evolution –

RICOH THETA V differs greatly from the existing THETA product-series because it is configured using a system with high expandability.
When you purchase the camera, it is a very simple and basic 360° camera. However, it can be evolved in a number of directions to match how the customer wants to use it. It is a “360° device with infinite possibilities”.
RICOH will continue to provide updates to promote the versatility of THETA V so please stay tuned.

Three directions of evolution

A new Android platform system was adopted for RICOH THETA V. It not only improves basic functions but also allows a variety of function expansions to be used by installing additional “plug-ins”.
We will also release several API/SDK’s and create an environment that allows developers to collaborate on various devices and platforms.

(1) Upgrading the camera firmware and app

Updating the firmware provides improvements to the basic performance of THETA V as a 360° camera such as image quality, stitching and communication.
Also, constantly upgrading the smartphone app will improve functions and usability.

(2) Installing various types of additional plug-ins

Installing additional plug-ins on the Android platform will continue to provide various types of features “plug-ins” that will expand the range of use in many different directions such as camera functions, functions to link with external equipment and network connection functions. The user can choose the function they want and evolve THETA V to fit their needs.

(3) Publishing various types of API/SDK

Developers all over the world will be able to participate in the THETA V evolution project after we publish API and SDK that allows them to freely develop “plug-ins” and smartphone apps.
This will increasingly expand the possibilities for evolution and allow users to get greater use out of their THETA V.

Towards A multi-purpose spherical platform

RICOH THETA V will begin to evolve into something new from the moment you acquire it. In the near future, we will build an eco-system that can utilize existing libraries and application assets so that the camera can grow into a “multi-purpose spherical platform” that surpasses its state as a 360° camera.

  • Providing a development environment using general-purpose tools
  • Promoting the development of applications that use spherical images

RICOH THETA V expansion roadmap

Since RICOH THETA V went on sale in September 2017, it has already experienced a number of evolutions.
We have also planned more specific expansions in the near future as shown below.

* The details shown below have not been finalized, and are subject to change without prior notice.
* The “Wireless LAN client mode” and “USB data transfer plug-in” that were scheduled for release during 2017 at the time the product was first announced are expected to be released between January to March, 2018.


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