The PENTAX Hyper Control system

A quick, effortless way to find the optimum exposure settings

PENTAX digital SLR cameras provide a selection of exposure modes, so PENTAX camera users can capture a variety of subjects comfortably and effortlessly in beautiful images.

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How to operate the Hyper Program mode

PENTAX’s Hyper Program mode lets you swiftly switch the exposure mode to TV or Av, while keeping the mode dial at the P-mode position.

A single push of the Green Button instantly resets to the initial P mode, allowing you to efficiently react to situations where sudden, dramatic changes in exposure settings are required, such as when shifting from tripod photography to handheld shooting.


How to operate the Hyper Manual mode

This mode is very efficient when you must drastically shift an exposure value when moving from indoors to outdoors, or when you come across a scene under confusing lighting conditions.


How to make use of the AE Lock button in Hyper Manual operation

In order to retain the identical exposure level in the conventional M (Manual) mode, you must reduce the shutter speed by two shutter steps (six clicks) when the aperture is closed down by two steps (or six clicks). In the Hyper Manual mode, however, the shutter speed is automatically coupled and reduced by two steps when you close down the aperture by two steps after pressing the AE Lock button.

By making effective use of the PENTAX Hyper Control system, you can quickly and effortlessly make the desired exposure settings. This allows you to concentrate more on your shutter opportunities.



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