THETA+ Video for Android announced

Announcement of “THETA+ Video for Android” 360° Image Editing App

Ricoh Imaging Company is pleased to announce the launch of “THETA+ Video” for Android, an Android app version of the THETA + Video app for editing video captured with the RICOH THETA 360° camera.

“THETA+ Video” makes it easy to edit and process 360° video captured with the RICOH THETA S and RICOH THETA m15 and time lapse videos created with the currently released app, THETA+. It enables actions such as trimming, switching the view, changing colour tone, and inserting background music. Video can be cropped to the preferred angle then posted and shared on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.  Editing as 360° video without cropping can also be done and posted directly on Facebook. Moreover, videos posted on Facebook and YouTube can be rotated when viewed.

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Common Features of “THETA+ Video for Android”, “THETA+ Video for iPhone” (already available)


Choose 1 of 10 kinds of filter to change the colour tone of the video


Users can choose how to view 360° videos. The app offers a selection of four viewing formats (Mirror ball, Little planet, Equirectangular, and Rectilinear). With the “Little planet” format, the video is reproduced in the form of small spheres floating in space.


The video can be trimmed to the desired length.

*Playback speed setting is only available on “THETA+ Video for iPhone”.


Users can select one of eight original tracks that are included with “THETA+ Video”, or a track of their own, and use it as background music for a video. The original sound source in the video can be switched to silent.


Edited videos can be posted on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

Google Play download page


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