HD PENTAX-D FA★ Silver Edition

Three limited-edition lenses from the high-performance Star series for use with K-mount digital SLR cameras, designed to meet the demand for color variation


• HD PENTAX-D FA70-200mm F2.8 ED DC AW Silver Edition
• HD PENTAX-D FA50mm F1.4 SDM AW Silver Edition
• HD PENTAX-D FA85mm F1.4 ED SDM AW Silver Edition

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY is pleased to announce the launch of three HD PENTAX-D FA Silver Edition lenses. These special-edition models from the top-of-the-line, high-performance Star series — designed for use with PENTAX K-mount digital SLR cameras — will be available worldwide in a limited quantity of 600 units for each model.

PENTAX has been releasing limited-edition silver models of its digital SLR flagship cameras, to meet the demand for more exclusive imaging tools. The three new lenses, also to be released as limited-edition models, feature an exclusive, high-grade silver coloring ideal for the top-of-the-line D FA series. The limited-edition camera bodies marketed in the past, including the PENTAX K-7 Limited Silver (launched in March 2010) and the PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver (launched in September 2017), were designed to match the silver-colored Limited-series lenses, which gained popularity for their high-grade, fine-textured finish. Like the Limited series, these new Star-series lenses feature a silver coating identical to the color of the silver-colored camera bodies, and provide users with the option of a silver lens, not only to improve the quality of their captured images, but also to further personalize their photographic process and shooting style.

Main features of the HD PENTAX-D FA Silver Edition lenses

• The lens’s high-grade silver coating optimizes color coordination with silver-edition camera bodies.
• Each lens has been given a unique serial number, from 0000001 to 0000600, to further express its exclusiveness.
• The lenses come in an exclusively designed product box.

Note: The features and specifications of these lenses are identical to those of standard models.


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